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Nippon Trading B.V.
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3771 SG Barneveld
The netherlands
T: (+31) 0342-423364
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About us

Most of the Nippon Trading staff have over 40 years of experience in the piano sector (Nippon is Japan in Japanese). We have been importing used Yamaha and Kawai instruments from Japan for over 25 years.

By travelling to Japan several times every year, we have acquired extensive experience with used pianos and grand pianos in that country. We personally select all the pianos we sell.

Our large-scale import allows us to serve our domestic and international customers with incomparable quality at unbeatable prices.

Following arrival, the instruments are stored in our warehouse in Barneveld, equipped with a fully automatic air humidity control system (a constant 55 %).

Our instruments undergo an exhaustive technical check-up and are carefully cleaned and polished, making them practically indistinguishable from new instruments, both on the inside and out.

We sell our instruments via official dealers only.

Our dealers always give a 5-year guarantee on the instruments we supply. They can also provide any advice at request.

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